Fall in love with the Amsterdam Canals this spring

… and take the scent of its iconic Elms trees home with you.

In spring the Amsterdam Canals are covered in white. The sprinkling of delicate springsnowblossom petals of the famous Elm trees provide a lively and sparkling Springsnow. From April 21 – May 21 the city celebrates this magical natural phenomenon with cultural and artistic activities around the elm trees bordering the famous canals: the Springsnow Festival.Furthermore people can take the scent of the Amsterdam Elm trees – Eau d’Amsterdam – as a souvenir home.

With more than 75.000 Elm trees throughout the city, Amsterdam is indeed the elm capital of the world. Now its blossom scent has been captured in a perfume: Eau d’Amsterdam. It is the first ever green fragrance from the historical center of Amsterdam: World Heritage in a Bottle. The perfume has been created in support of the city’s Springsnow Festival.

Eau d'Amsterdam-2Catch the Springsnow
The Springsnow festival offers a spring art exhibition, pop-up events and shop windows. Follow the Elm route, catch some Springsnow yourself and participate in a variety of activities around the Elm trees. Tuesday April 21 the festival opens at the Amstelkerk, where people can witness Spring in all its senses: looking at artworks from 10x10artists, hearing an ode to the elm trees by Reinier Sijpkens & Fay Lovsky and smelling the new fragrance Eau d’Amsterdam!

The complete Springsnow programme and news items can be found on www.springsnow.nl (full details on April 1).
Info on the fragrance on www.eaudamsterdam.com